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Not going on a mission for a while, but don't want to forget that this is a thing that exists?
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Let's face it. Getting a mission call is pretty exciting business. If you are like most future missionaries, you'll want to have everyone and their dog play the guessing game of where you'll be serving.

Assigned to Where was designed specifically to help you manage and track your friends' and relatives' guesses. After a quick (and did we mention FREE?!) registration, you'll be able to send your peeps an email or Facebook message with a link that allows them to make a foreign and stateside guess. Log on as often as you want to view all the guesses related to YOUR call. And once you get your call, you can easily spread the word of where you'll be serving.

Sound easy? It is. Registration takes less than 2 minutes.

P.S. Your email address or personal information will never be shared to a third party.